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Takara Hon-mirin

Type: Mirin

A Japanese cooking essential with over 9 types of sugars and 18 types of amino acids, Takara Hon-Mirin adds a glossy finish to your dish, improves flavor infusion, eliminates raw odors, and helps food retain its structure, while imparting a refined sweetness and savory umami. No added salt or preservatives.

Alc: 13.5-14.5% / Size available: 300ml, 600ml, 1L, 1.8L, 2L


Takara Ryori no Tame no Seishu

Type: Cooking Sake

This sake used for cooking is characteristically rich in organic acid, which removes harsh flavors from meat and fish, and the components that add greater depth and umami to your dishes than regular sake. No added salt or preservatives.

Alc: 13-14% / Size available: 300ml, 500ml, 900ml, 1L, 1.8L etc

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