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Blanton's Original

Type: Bourbon Whisky

Known as the world's first single barrel bourbon, Blanton's was originally bottled by its founder Colonel Albert B. Blanton as a private reserve for ambassadors, dignitaries, family and friends. Just as Blanton selected bourbon from the middle sections of the now famous Warehouse H, where he believed the best aging occured, this tradition lives on today with but a handful of barrels being expertly selected to become Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.

Alc: 46.5% / Size available: 750ml



Pagoda brand

Type: Shaoxing Rice Wine

Pagoda Brand Touhai, a brand of Shaoxing rice wine made with high quality glutinous rice and the famous Jianhu water, carries the pride of the Chinese government as one its selected reputable brands of Shaoxingjui wine.

Alc: 13-14% / Size available: 180ml, 360ml, 600ml, 1.8L

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