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Message From the President

President Kenji Murata

Kenji Murata

TAKARA SHUZO CO., LTD is the core company of the TAKARA GROUP, which conducts a business dealing with alcoholic beverages, seasonings, and bio-techs, and its business covers alcoholic beverages, seasonings, and raw alcohol in Japanese domestic market.

Since launching sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, we have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products underpinned by our creative and proven technology responding to the values and tastes of consumers.
As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages and seasonings such as sake, shochu, or hon-mirin, we have built up our balanced product portfolio generated by our unique development capabilities of new technologies with the stable production system.
It is expected that customers’ tastes will continue to change in the future in step with changes in social and economic conditions, we shall continue pursuing essential satisfaction of customers in line with the times and supply unique products backed by our technologies, ensuring product safety and security as a responsible food manufacturer.

We will keep aiming to contribute to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to remain trusted by customers and highly valued in society.

In this regard, we would like to receive your continued support from you all.

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