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1842 Brewing business starts.image
1864 Start to manufacture shochu and mirin.image
1912 Takara Shochu is launched. image
1925 Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. is established.
1933 Sho Chiku Bai (Sake) is launched.
1949 Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1951 Start to export Sho-Chiku-Bai to the U.S. image
1968 Sho Chiku Bai Take is launched.
1969 Takara Mirin (mili pack) is launched.
1972 Import and sales of Shaoxingjiu wines commences with the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.
1977 Takara Shochu Jun is launched.image Takara Shochu Jun
1980 Takara Ryorishu is launched.
1983 Takara Sake USA Inc. is established
1984 Takara Can Chu-Hi is launched.image
1985 Takara Corporate Philosophy defined. Takara CI is introduced. Takara Can Chu-Hi
1989 Blanton is launched.
1991 Takara takes a stake in Age International, Inc. of the United States.
1994 Surioroshi Ringo is launched as a Takara Can Chu-Hi Deluxe series product.
Yokaichi, an authentic rice-based shochu, is launched nationwide.
1995 Beijing Takara Foods Co., Ltd. (currently Takara Shuzo Foods Co., Ltd.) is established as a joint venture in Beijing, China. The Shirakabegura Brewery
2000 All plants obtain ISO 9002* certification.
* The international standard for quality assurance (currently ISO 9001.)
Takara Organic Hon-Mirin is launched.
2001 Corporate philosophy is revised. Code of Conduct is defined.
The Shirakabegura Brewery is completed as the center of Takara’s high quality sake business.image
Ikkomon, a 100% pure sweet potato shochu, is launched.image
2002 Shift to the new Takara Group organization under holding company system.
2003 Sho Chiku Bai Ten is launched. Takara Shochu High ball
2006 Takara Shochu High Ball is launched.image
2007 Takara Can Chu-Hi Jikashibori is launched.
2008 Shirashinken, an authentic barely-based shochu, is launched.
Shirakabegura kimoto junmai is launched. 
2010 Aquired stocks of Foodex SAS. Shirakabegura Mio sparkling sake
2011 Shirakabegura Mio sparkling sake is launched.
2013 Aquired stocks of Tazaki Foods Limited.
Aquired stocks of Tazaki Foods Limited.
2014 Aquired stocks of Cominport Distribución S.L.
2015 Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura “Mio Dry” Sparkling Sake is launched.image
2016 Aquired stocks of Keta Foods, Lda. NIPPON
Takara Can Chu-Hi “Dry” is launched.
Takara Shochu “NIPPON” is launched.image
2017 Mutual Trading Co., Inc. becomes a consolidated subsidiary of the company.
Nippon Food Supplies Company Pty Ltd becomes a consolidated subsidiary of the company.
Takara Shuzo International Co., Ltd is founded.

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