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Business Overview


As the sake for celebrations, Sho Chiku Bai has become the foremost brand in the special occasion and gift sake market. Also, Takara Shuzo produces such quality sake as the new-concept sparkling sake Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Mio and Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai at a specially built facility. Completed in 2001, the Shirakabegura Brewery combines leading-edge facilities that recreate traditional, artisan-inspired brewing techniques and sake brewing done by hand. For the market comprising customers who wish to enjoy sake informally with their evening meal, we have launched Sho Chiku Bai Ten in a new pouch-pack container to satisfy diverse customer needs. Meanwhile, in the restaurant and bar market, Sho Chiku Bai Gokai enjoys strong customer endorsement.


Proprietary brewing and storage technologies garnered over many years have consistently enabled Takara Shuzo to realize shochu products that satisfy changing consumer preferences and develop the shochu market continually. For ko-type shochu, Takara Shuzo has built the largest share of the market for premium shochu blended with 3% barrel-aged shochu Gokujo Takara Shochu as well as the long-seller, Takara Shochu Jun, among other brands based on No.1 ko-type shochu brand, Takara Shochu, which has a reputation steeped in tradition and reliability. Meanwhile in the honkaku shochu market, Takara Shuzo has launched and nurtured a range of unique shochu products for the discerning palate such as Ikkomon, a 100% sweet-potato-based shochu and Shirashinken honkaku barley shochu, which accentuates the rich flavor of barley, as well as original products like Yokaichi, which caters to those who wish to enjoy shochu casually with their evening meal.

Light-Alcohol Refreshers

Many people love the unique taste of products such as Takara Shochu High Ball, with its distinctively dry flavor that has long been a favorite in the neighborhood bars of downtown Tokyo, and Takara Can Chu-Hi, Japan’s first canned chu-hi product that has been on the market for over 30 years since its launch in 1984. We will continue to develop and nurture products that have been refined by a discerning eye to satisfy various customer preferences such as the jelly-like liqueur Carina, which boasts an exciting new texture characterized by its syrupy consistency coupled with fruity sweetness, and the Takara Can Chu-Hi Surioroshi series, which features the texture of thick pulpy fruit juice.


Aiming to provide delicious food through products derived from traditional sake brewing techniques, Takara Shuzo offers a wide range of alcohol-based seasonings that render dishes more delicious and enrich meal times. These seasonings include Takara Hon Mirin, which as a leading brand has continually evolved in tandem with Japanese cuisine, and Ryori-no-Tame-no Seishu, a cooking sake without added salt. In the food-processing market, for ready-prepared meals and processed food products Takara Shuzo offers a lineup of alcohol-based seasonings and soup stocks. Also, the company provides customers with solutions to diverse issues through food analysis, cooking research, and recipe development.

ImportedAlcoholic Beverages

Touhai, our Shaoxing rice wine brand has gained high popularity and trust from customers over more than 40 years, and is playing a leading role in the Chinese alcoholic beverage market in Japan. This is due to its deep taste and rich flavor achieved through the production method with great attention to all details, as well as due to our thorough quality management.

Moreover, we handle an extensive assortment of carefully selected brands from around the world, including Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon, Antiquary Scotch whisky, Green Banana liqueur from the Netherlands, and Kuei Hua Chen Chiew from China. We will continue to offer high-quality and valuable alcoholic beverages from around the world that will suit customers’ tastes and drinking occasions.

Raw Alcohol

We produce raw alcohol in continuous distillation equipment, and sell it to sake, shochu, and liqueur makers throughout Japan. Not only do we sell raw alcohol, but we also provide related information and products to such makers in order to deepen our partnership with them.

Contributing to the development of the industry through our commitment to the starting point of sake production, and preserving the Japanese sake culture – we always keep these purposes in mind when operating our businesses.

At the same time, utilizing the technologies and trust that we have accumulated so far, we are currently focusing on the production and sales of alcohol used as a material in the miso and other food production industries, as well as in the medical supplies, cosmetics, and chemicals industries.

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